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Welcome to America's finest and most experienced opera tour company. You will enjoy travelling with owners and fellow opera enthusiasts. In 35 years, we have arranged over 300 opera tours!

Experience the thrill of performances at close range, in first category orchestra level seats in opulent European opera houses. Flawlessly planned itineraries, deluxe centrally located hotels and dine in gourmet (some Michelin Stars) restaurants. You are invited to take your dream - vacation of an opera tour in Europe and Russia. We assure you will become a member of the H.A.T. Tours family.

January 27, 2018
Hamburg, Berlin
March 22, 2018
Warsaw, Krakow
April 02, 2018
Prague, Budapest, Vienna
April 14, 2018
Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen
April 25, 2018
May 07, 2018
Venice, Milan, Turin
May 13, 2018
Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris - visit Bruges and Versailles
June 03, 2018
Florence, Rome, Naples, visit Assisi and Pompei
June 16, 2018
July 18, 2018

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