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Over the past 34 years HAT Tours has conducted personalized luxury opera tours in Europe and Russia, without exorbitant cost.

We stay in luxury hotels, travel and dine in luxury with excellent wines.

A comment from our clients: Grethe and Aspee’s secret ingredient..

"The amazing degustation dinners with matching wines during their Opera Tours. We all book for the Operas and we are spoilt for choice of operas / the cities to which we travel / the seats which are organized for us. HAT TOURS' claim to fame are their Opera Tours (and I am very thankful for that)....but the surprise for us every time is the wonderful dinners to which we are treated. YET.... .I have not read one review about their wonderful degustation dinners. These are researched with a lot of care. Not any restaurant will do /not any menu will do. We are taken to some of the best restaurants in Europe. Quietly researched by this indefatigable duo / visited / tested - before we even cross the portals."

Johanna Perks and Dr. Bruce Perks Adelaide, South Australia
Sounds of East Germany tour – May 2015

Each itinerary is designed to see the best operas, and hear the best singers in opulent opera houses, where we have priority in purchasing the Upfront Orchestra level seats, due to our long-time relationship with their box office staff, as exemplified by tickets for "Sold Out" LOHENGRIN in Dresden, on the East Germany tour in 2016.

The owners' personal touch is part of every tour we conduct. Our clients are educated professionals, who appreciate on-the-spot decisions, such as if an opera is cancelled at the last minute, when we arrive in the city.

To sum it up, an endearing comment from Jack Ayer, Professor of Law Emeritus, UC – Davis, CA

"We have done close to a dozen trips with the Aranis and I think I’ve seen enough to say it; they make it look so easy. They have the energy and sense of purpose to make it so all the pieces click together at the joints, and tact to make you think they’re having fun doing it, which means you have fun; perhaps they do too. We’ve got many fond memories of our trips with them and we look forward to more".

Singers performing on our tours

Kristine Opolais
Jonas Kaufmann

Kristine Opolais and Jonas Kaufmann performing during Munich and Bregenz Festival tour.