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Verdi Festival in Italy bdr

Verdi Festival in Italy
Florence, Bologna, Parma visit Ravenna
What an opportunity to see two of Verdi’s rarely performed operas in Parma, the heart and soul of Italian operas? One of them, Un giorno di regno based on a comedy was a failure at its first performance at La Scala in 1840. The opera house cancelled the remaining performances and did not revive the works until 2001. The second one you will see is Le Truvere with lyrics in French instead of Italian of his previously performed opera Il Trovatore. This opera premiered in Brussels at La Monnaie opera house in 1856. You will see a total of six Verdi operas in Florence and Parma. 
You will stay at the 5-stars Hotel Bristol in Florence and at the 5-stars Hotel Baglioni in Bologna, the culinary heart of Italy, where international Food Fairs are held every year.
Opera Performances
In Florence:
September 21 - La Traviata by Verdi at Teatro del Maggio Fiorentino 
with Zuzana Markova and Mateo Lippi
September 22 - Il Trovatore by Verdi at Teatro del Maggio Fiorentino
with Jennifer Rowlwy, Pierro Pretti and Massimo Cavalletti

In Parma:
September 27 - Macbeth by Verdi at Teatro Regio
September 28 - Un giorno de regno by Verdi at Teatro Verdi in Busseto
September 29 - Le Truvere by Verdi at Teatro Regio
September 30 - Attila by Verdi at Teatro Regio

  • Thursday, September 20. (D*) DEPART FOR FLORENCE
    Depart this evening aboard any airline of your choice to Florence, Italy. Dinner and light breakfast served on the plane.
  • Friday, September 21. (B) FLORENCE
    Independent arrival at Florence International Airport. Take a taxi to the centrally located deluxe HOTEL HELVETIA - BRISTOL, where we stay four nights. We will reimburse you the taxi fare.
    This evening we will see the opera La Traviata by Verdi at Teatro del Maggio Florentino. Briefing and welcome dinner before the opera.

    FLORENCE is one of the world’s greatest artistic capitals and a testament to the Italian capacity for genius. The city was the cradle of the civilization which nurtured the humanistic movement and the Renaissance in the first half of the 15 C. In March of 1436, the architect-engineer genius Filiippo Brunelleschi completed building the stupendous dome of the Cathedral out of a double layer of brickwork.Today the multi-colored Cathedral is breathtaking, next to the marble-clad Baptistry with its famous guilded bronze doors.
  • Saturday, September 22. (B). FLORENCE
    Morning sightseeing of this city dense with art and culture will include the Piazza del Duomo close to our hotel. You will see Brunelleschi’s Cathedral with the largest dome in the world, even today, built with bricks and mortar. Across from it is the Baptistry with its famous bronze doors with relief sculptures. The east door is renowned as the Gates of Paradise. This afternoon you will visit Uffizi Museum with its fabulous collection of ancient fine art where you can spend hours on your own to see Botlicelli’s Birth of Venus, Leonardo da Vinci’s Adoration of the Magi, Titian’s Venus of Urbino, Raphael’s Madonna of the Goldfinch, Michelangelo’s Doni Tondo, and Peter Paul Ruben’s Pursues Freeing Andromeda. This evening we will see the opera Il Trovatore by Verdi at the Teatro del Maggio Fiorentino.

  • Sunday, September 23. (B,D). FLORENCE
    Morning sightseeing includes a walk over Ponte Vecchio and cross the river Arno to see Palazzo Pitti and Boboli Gardens. Afternoon free. Gala Dinner at a gourmet restaurant.
  • Monday, September 24. (B) FLORENCE
    Today is free to stroll around the city squares to see copies of various sculptures in open-air or visit any of so many fine museums of Florence.
  • Tuesday, September 25. (B,D). FLORENCE - BOLOGNA
    This morning we drive north to Bologna where we stay two nights at the centrally located deluxe HOTEL BAGLIONI. Afternoon sightseeing of this city, built predominantly of red bricks, to include Piazza Major, Neptune’s Fountain, the Basilica of San Potronio and the two very tall leaning towers rising above the old buildings nearby. Dinner at a gourmet restaurant.

    BOLOGNA is one of Italy’s oldest cultural cities. The Etruscans settled it before the Romans got there in 189 BC, followed by barbaric tribes, the Huns and the Lombards. Europe’s oldest university was founded here in 1088 and it had the honor of having the first woman as a professor. She was so beautiful that she lectured from behind a screen so as not to distract the students. 
  • Wednesday, September 26. (B). RAVENNA - BOLOGNA
    A full-day excursion will be made to visit Ravenna. Among the eight early Christian monuments of the city on the World Heritage List. We will see the most beautiful of them decorated in gold-plated colored ceramic tiles are the Basilica Placidia of San Vitale, Arian Baptistry and the museum of Gaila Placidia. We will also visit the tomb of the great Italian poet Dante, who came here after he was banned from Florence.
  • Thursday, September 27. (B). BOLOGNA - PARMA
    This morning we drive north to Parma where we stay four nights at the centrally located HOTEL STENDAL. This afternoon we do an orientation sightseeing tour by foot. Near our hotel are the Romanesque Cathedral with a fresco masterpiece on the ceiling by Corregio and the octagonal Baptistry with a facade of pink Verona Marble and its beautifully painted ceiling. This evening we will see the opera Macbeth by Verdi at Teatro Regio.

    PARMA was founded by the Etruscans in 525 BC. It became a roman station on Via Emilia in 183 BC and flourished under the French Bourbon rulers in the 18th and 19th centuries. Today it is famous for its prosciutto (ham), cheese, architecture, music and the surrounding countryside. The most famous person in the musical world we know of, Arturo Toscanini was born here in 1867.
  • Friday, September 28. (B). VERDI SITES - PARMA
    This morning we drive west to see Verdi sites, in Roncole where he was born, Busseto where he grew up and Saint ‘ Agata where he built an elegant home with extensive ground where he planted exotic trees. This evening we will see Un giorno di region, the second opera written by Verdi at Teatro Verdi in Busseto,
  • Saturday, September 29. (B). PARMA
    Morning sightseeing of the Arturo Toscanini Museum to see exhibits of his early life in Parma, his conducting career in Italy and many letters he received including one from Prof. Albert Einstein. This afternoon we see the opera Le Truvere by Verdi at Teatro Regio.
  • Sunday, September 30. (B,D). PARMA
    Morning is free to take in the National Gallery of Parma with its fine arts collection of printings by Canaletto, Corregio, Leonardo da Vinci, Tintoretto and others, or see other palaces. This afternoon we will see the opera Attila by Verdi at Teatro Regio. Gala Farewell Dinner at a gourmet restaurant.
  • Monday, October 01. (B). PARMA - BOLOGNA - BACK HOME
    We transfer you from Parma to the Bologna International Airport for your flight back home. Arrividerci. See you soon on another H.A.T. Tour.
Double: $7,450 per person
Single Supplement: $1,050
Deposit: $2,000 per person
Balance due: June 20, 2018
  • Transfer between airports and hotels on published arrival and departure days only
  • Six operas
  • Orchestra level seats in theaters
  • Deluxe centrally located hotels
  • Three dinners with wine in gourmet restaurants
  • Welcome reception with cocktails
  • Private sightseeing in each city
  • Experienced English speaking guides
  • Entrance fees to museums
  • Intercity coach services
  • Baggage handling
  • Guide, driver and bellboys gratuities
Airfare is not included. Please make sure that your airline ticket reads from home to Turin and from Bologna back home. We urge you to check airline cancellation penalties before purchasing airline tickets since international departure times and flights can change. We can assist you at no cost to find the most convenient flights.
Trip cancellation is highly recommended. We can arrange it for you. Some policies wave pre-existing medical conditions if purchased within 15 days of receiving the deposit.
American, Canadian, and Australian passport holders travelling to Schengen Area countries must hold a passport valid for at least 90 days beyond the duration of the stay in those countries, with at least two blank pages. The Schengen area includes 26 European countries, who abolished passport and other border control between their common borders. Most, but not all, are members of the European Union. Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein are Schengen Area countries although they are not EU members. 
In general, it is recommended that your passport should be valid for six months beyond the dates of travel.

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The Eastern European opera tour with The Aranis was far beyond my wildest hopes. They are skilled, charming hosts and everything was smooth and delightful. The accommodations, opera seats, meals and tour guides were par excellent. The small group bonded and we found the balance between time on our own and introductory sightseeing just right. It was amazing how it felt like we were traveling with family or longterm friends. As this was my first time vacation traveling in Europe as a widow, I also appreciated the opportunity for togetherness and solitude. Cannot wait to learn about the 2015 itinerary and can't rave enough about this operation. (Central Europe )

Dr. Barbara Okun, United States
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