H.A.T. Tours, based in Florida is North America's oldest opera tour company, in business for 32 years, offering original, exceptional, luxury opera tours to European cities and exclusive, personalised, specialized tours all over India, to people who appreciate the services of a congenial, experienced owner travelling with them as their host and Tour Director.

We have set the standards for the others to follow by limiting the size of each group to less than 15 persons and dining at gourmet restaurants with wines, selected with special knowledge of the finest regional grapes.

Friendly relations with theater box offices managers over the past 3 decades allows us to purchase the best opera tickets for seats up front in the top category of Orchestra Level.

We stay at luxurious, centrally located hotels, close to shopping, theaters and museums for your convenience during free times. All sightseeing and excursions are included. The roster of superb local english-speaking guides is incomparable. Our itineraries are paced to leisurely absorb the local culture and history of foreign lands.

Clients Comments

We've done close to a dozen trips with The Aranis and I think I've seen enough to say it: they make it look easy. They've got the energy and sense of purpose to make it so the pieces all click together at the joints, and the tact to make you think they're having fun doing it, which means you have fun; perhaps they do too. We've got many fond memories of our trips with them and we look forward to more.

Jack Ayer Professor of Law Emeritus
UC- Davis, CA

The eastern European opera tour with The Aranis was far beyond my wildest hopes. They are skilled, charming hosts and everything was smooth and delightful. The accommodations, opera seats, meals and tour guides were par excellent. The small group bonded and we found the balance between time on our own and introductory sightseeing just right. It was amazing how it felt like we were traveling with family or longterm friends. As this was my first time vacation traveling in Europe as a widow, I also appreciated the opportunity for togetherness and solitude. Cannot wait to learn about the 2013 itinerary and can't rave enough about this operation. (Central Europe 2012)

Dr. Barbara Okun
Dedham, MA

Since we’d never been on a H.A.T. tour, we really didn’t know what to expect from the Northern Italy tour we’ve now just completed. Would the hotels be as good as suggested by the website? What would the city tours and tour guides be like? How good would the seats at the operas be? Would the inter-city transportation runs smoothly? Etc. Well, suffice to say that the tour exceeded our highest expectations!! The hotels, tours, tour guides, seats, and transportation were all terrific — and, most important, Aspee were there to make sure everything ran smoothly; to iron out the wrinkles that do inevitably occur on a tour, especially in Italy; to act as enthusiastic for our group; and to be charming and interesting travel companions. Keeping the group small also worked very well, maximizing enjoyment of the city tours and creating opportunities for wonderful new friendships. Count us in for future H.A.T. tours! (Northern Italy 2011, Westerne Europe 2012, Central Europe 2013)

Warren Azano and Judyth Pendell
West Hartford, Connecticut, and Stowe, Vermont;, Coordinators: Stowe Area Opera Lovers