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Welcome to European Opera Tours!

We invite you to join our small groups of highly satisfied opera aficionados, who enjoy the best seats in Orchestra Level of opulent theaters and look forward to staying in Superior Rooms at luxurious hotels, very centrally located near museums, art galleries and high-end shops in the cities we visit.

The links in the left column illustrate what makes H.A.T. Tours special. Please review them, especially the CLIENTS COMMENTS and the PHOTO and VIDEO GALLERIES, since "A picture is worth a thousand words."

ABOUT US tells how H.A.T. Tours got started 35 years ago, making us the oldest opera tour company in North America conducting tours throughout Europe, Russia and India.

SPLENDORS OF INDIA shows a division of H.A.T. Tours started in 2010 and managed by Swati Arani, who is not just a family member but is also a third generation member of well-known tour and travel specialists in India.

GOURMET DINING has become a forte of H.A.T. Tours. We check them out personally when we arrive in the city before we take our clients to the restaurants. Please read Johanna and Dr. Bruce Perk’s remarks in CLIENTS COMMENTS link.

QUALITY AND FLEXIBILITY at lowest possible costs to you. We offer the highest quality luxury tours without exorbitant costs, since we minimize overhead and do not have multiple levels of staffing.

Please look up other Sounds of Europe tours on the links in the right column to see which tour might be just the one for you.

References are available on request. Please email us at
operas@hattours.com or call us at 1-800-472-4448

We thank you for taking time to visit and review our website.

With best wishes,
Grethe, Aspee, Alistair and Swati Arani

Singers performing on our tours

Bryn Terfel
Petra Lang

Bryn Terfel and Petra Lang performing during Ring cycle in Vienna tour.

Sebastian Wartig
Aylin Perez

Sebastian Wartig and Aylin Perez performing during East Germany tour.

Sabina Puertolas
Javier Camarena

Sabina Puertolas and Javier Camarena performing during Sounds of Spain tour.

Anja Harteros
Klaus Vogt

Anja Harteros and Klaus Vogt performing during Southern Germany tour.

Demitri Platanias
Eva Maria Westbroek

Demitri Platanias and Eva Maria Westbroek performing during Munich Festival tour.